Port Aransas Beach Vault

Flight Information

When you register, you'll provide a Recent Personal Record (Recent PR) and that's what we use to assign you to a flight. (It's not about age, gender, experience or under-the-table payments!)

We don't know participation levels/abilities in advance (Will we get 50 athletes with a PR of 9'0?), so we don't know which flight you'll be in until we close registration.

The name of your flight has no particular meaning.

2017 Flights Sorted by Last Name   -   Division

OPEN WOMEN - Elite High School Girls/Open Women*
(*Scored Separately) - Starting Height ~10'6
Suggested for Women Current PR 11'6+

OPEN MEN - Elite High School Boys/Open Men*
(*Scored Separately) - Starting Height ~14'0
Suggested for Men Current PR 14'9+